Installment now available all over Pakistan , you don’t need to visit our outlet.

Currently we are giving Installment only on Bank Alfalah Credit Card.

There will be no advance amount . You have to Pay only on Easy Installment of upto 12 months .

This Image Discribe you the four easy steps for applying Installment .
  1. Scan QR code and Select Credit Card as Payment method.
  2. Enter the Amount, click Proceed and Select YES to pay in Installments.
  3. Select Time Period which is 3 months to 12 months then click on Proceed.
  4. Transaction is Successful.
This video gives you live demonstration , How to apply for Installment.

Above Both are Bar Code (any one of them you can use) which you can scan and pay through ALFA app.

Processing Fees:

For 3 Month = 5.5%

For 6 month = 8%

For 9 month = 10%

For 12 month = 12%

Note: There will be a 1.2% Merchant Fees . For Example; If you are purchasing a item of PKR 10,000 then you have to insert ( 10,000*1.012) = PKR 10,120/=

If you are a HBL Credit Card Holder ! (HBL Installment Calculator)

Their is a simple few Steps;

  1. You have to Purchase product directly from our website through your Credit Card.
  2. After Purchasing then you have to call HBL helpline and make Installment of that particular transaction.